What are the Warehouse Types?

When it comes to moving your living spaces, having a professional hand to assist you will preemptively eliminate the risks that may arise during and after the process of transferring belongings. This preferred method for many reasons also highlights the importance of intercity furniture transportation. If we were to list the reasons why intercity furniture […]

Importance of Artificial Intelligence in Warehouse Technologies

With the advancement of artificial intelligence (AI) technology, its active usage in the logistics sector is becoming increasingly possible. In particular, investments in smart warehouse systems have increased significantly, and the role of technology in warehouse systems has been growing. Looking at the research in this field, according to a survey conducted by Modern Materials […]

Import Services: Building Global Trade and Contribution to Economic Growth

Import services refer to the processes involved in the commercial transportation and delivery of goods or services from one country to another. These processes contribute to the development of trade between countries and economic growth. In this blog post, I will discuss important aspects related to import services. Here’s what you need to know about […]

Warehouse Management Technologies

The rapid changes in the supply chain, especially in the last 10 years, have made it almost mandatory to use Warehouse Management Systems (WMS) solutions to control labor costs and ensure quality. Whether you manage an e-commerce website, a retail chain, or you are a manufacturer or distributor, these systems offer many advantages in storage, […]

Communiqué on Turkish Standards for Products Compulsory Implementation (No: SGM2022/40)

LEGISLATION ANNOUNCEMENTSUBJECT: Communiqué Concerning Turkish Standards for Compulsory Implemented Products (No: SGM2022/40 )EXPLANATION Communiqué on Turkish Standards for Products Compulsory Implementation (No: SGMThe standards listed in Annex-1 of 2022/40) will enter into force 6 months later.Communiqué of those who manufacture and market products within the scope of Turkish Standardsare required to comply with its terms.Thursday, […]

With a change for TAREKS applications on 15.05.2023, the possibility of applying before the goods arrive has been removed.

LEGISLATION ANNOUNCEMENTSUBJECT: Goods with an amendment for TAREKS applications on 15.05.2023The opportunity to apply before the arrival has been removed.EXPLANATIONThere was a change in TAREKS applications on 15.05.2023. ThisThe way to make an application is closed before the change ITEM comes.Application with transport document, bill of lading, TIR Carnet, CMR as of 16.05.2023cannot be entered. […]

Change in Customs Regulation (Filling the financial responsible person box in import declarations is optional.

LEGISLATION ANNOUNCEMENTSUBJECT: Amendment to Customs Regulationto be optionalEXPLANATIONThe section titled II- EXPLANATIONS ON DECLARATION BOXES of ANNEX 14 of the Customs RegulationB. Box 9 under the IMPORT heading: Exporter’s name in the paragraph under the financial responsible person subheading.The phrase “Importer” is rearranged, and in the import declarations, the box of the financially responsible personFilling […]

Regarding the review investigation for the dumping measure on imports of Plywood at tariff 4412.10, 4412.31, 4412.33, 4412.34 and 4412.39 originating from the People’s Republic of China

LEGISLATION ANNOUNCEMENTSUBJECT: The tariffs of 4412.10, 4412.31, 4412.33, 4412.34 and 4412.39 originating in the People’s Republic of ChinaRegarding the review investigation for the anti-dumping measure on plywood importsEXPLANATIONCustoms tariffs 4412.10, 4412.31, 4412.33, 4412.34 and 4412.39 originating in the People’s Republic of Chinaapplicable to the product “plywood” classified under headingA final review investigation has been opened […]